Spotlight West Yorkshire: TOP 4 REASONS TO BUY AN INVESTMENT PROPERTY IN Leeds & the West Yorkshire Region

Published by kadey-hardy

If you are reading this, I can only presume Yorkshire Tea, Wensleydale Cheese and a trek up 3 large hills for fun hasn’t been enough to make you want to explore what Yorkshire has to offer, however at the heart of the Northern Powerhouse, is a city region that is continually growing, and over the […]

Interest only mortgages EXPLAINED

Published by director-we-sell-bmv

Why interest only vs capital repayment has only one winner in the world of investment A common question asked of those new to property is; how do I pay off the mortgage to own this property outright? It’s understandable why people may ask this. For YEARS, most of us have had drilled into us, that […]

7 Property Investment Strategies you should know about

Published by jamie-york

Do you know what your strategy is? Do you currently have a strategy to get from where you currently are to where you want to be? Is it a plan of action over a certain amount of time or is it looser in the terms of- you have a few ideas written down somewhere of […]

The THREE Things Every New Investor Should Look for in Property Investment

Published by jessica-leyland

You’ve probably heard property is a great investment. You’ve likely seen people have success in property; maybe you know someone who has benefitted from the price rises in property? Or someone who has rental income coming in each month which has allowed them to retire earlier? With over 4.7 million private rental households in the […]